2.jpg (3964 bytes)

Aqueduct two children

1.jpg (3783 bytes)

Aqueduct Charles

16s.jpg (2428 bytes)

One of three Aqueduct outlets on John's Farm

11.jpg (3618 bytes)

John and Charles 1912


7.jpg (4003 bytes)

Fountain early photo

8.jpg (4837 bytes)

Fountain today

Girlsandfountainicycles.jpg (46858 bytes)

Girls and fountain icycles

Amalia__Mollie__Lorang_Whalen_and_Rodney.jpg (129656 bytes)

Amalia (Mollie) Lorang Whalen and Rodney

John_and_the_boys.jpg (151069 bytes)

John and the boys

a.jpg (330299 bytes)

Aqueduct outlet, the grandchildren


ac.jpg (671775 bytes)

Christine (L), Bertha (R) Lorang


ag.jpg (143875 bytes)

Fountain top


_1__Aqueduct_dome.jpg (74567 bytes)

Aqueduct Dome


_2__Aqueduct_dome.jpg (124060 bytes)

Aqueduct Dome


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