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  John LORANG Father b: Feb.22,1858 in Johnsburg, Wisconsin
  Mary Anna GESELLCHEN Mother b: Dec.2,1860 in Mt.Calvary, Wisconsin
1 Peter John LORANG Boy b: Dec.21,1884 in Colton, Washington
2 Bernard Theodore, BT, (Barney) LORANG Boy b: June 28,1886 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
3 Henry M. LORANG Boy b: Jan.26,1888 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
4 Albert LORANG Boy b: Oct.11,1889 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
5 Christine LORANG Girl b: June 17,1891 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
6 Amalia (Mollie) LORANG Girl b: Sept.9,1892 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
7 Bertha A. LORANG Girl b: Feb.11,1895 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
8 Martha LORANG Girl b: May 16,1897 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
9 Viola LORANG Girl b: Jan.12,1899 in Genesee,ID-on farm home
10 Charles A. LORANG Boy b: Sept.9,1902 in Moscow,ID-Gritman Hospital

This is a result of postings at ancestry.com installed by Diana Conroy.

Tim Lorang has done an extensive amount of work on the family tree and has offered to help gather this information.

Thanks! Tim.

"Our Ancestry.com family tree is a great resource, but still needs updating and a couple corrections. One thing I found..people who are still living are listed as "Living Lorang" or "Living_____" , ...however...sometimes Ancestry goofs a little and the whole name is listed. Just so you know. If any other mistakes are found, please contact diana_conroy@hotmail .com and I'll update as quickly as possible."   Diana Conroy

For help editing your Lorang families decendants at this site email Diana diana_conroy@hotmail.com

The family tree is always in a process of expansion and addition (of course).

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