These 360 degree fisheye panoramas were taken in January of 2009


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Pan11.jpg (55702 bytes)

White Spring Ranch Museun/Archive Library


Pan13.jpg (49028 bytes)

Newly painted and reroofed


Pan6.jpg (69422 bytes)

Dining Room of Farm home


pan1.jpg (74239 bytes)

Homestead Room


Pan15.jpg (67289 bytes)

Front Hallway


Pan14.jpg (50448 bytes)

There's also an upstairs


Pan2.jpg (72453 bytes)

Boy's Room


Pan5.jpg (69121 bytes)

Girl's Room


Pan10.jpg (59335 bytes)

Child's Room


Pan12.jpg (73718 bytes)

c.1876 Log Cabin with original roof


Panoramas take in January 2009 by Brian Conroy, OREGON PANOMRAMAS

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