10.jpg (3793 bytes)

Homestead home with Wisconsin friends abt.1890

9.jpg (3409 bytes)

Homestead home about 1890

14s.jpg (4129 bytes)

Front Porch 2004

2s.jpg (3149 bytes)

Lorang Home Front View

12.jpg (3992 bytes)

John and Mary Lorang Farm home 1910

6.jpg (3676 bytes)

Farm home 2004

17.jpg (4063 bytes)

Lorang home about 1904

18.jpg (4165 bytes)

Lorang Farm Home2004

JohnandMaryLoranghome1914.jpg (90334 bytes)

John and Mary Lorang home1914

Farmhomeinsnowearlyphoto.jpg (88637 bytes)

Farm home in snow early photo

DiningRoomearlyphoto.jpg (64365 bytes)

Dining room early photo

Frontporchtoday.jpg (91930 bytes)

Front porch 2004

Upperporchrooftoday.jpg (43094 bytes)

Upper porch roof 2004

Farmhometoday.jpg (117081 bytes)

Farm home 2004

Parlorearlyphoto.jpg (83816 bytes)

Parlor early photo


3s.jpg (3719 bytes)

Lorang Home and Family


JohnLorangfamilyfrontyard.jpg (96727 bytes)

John Lorang family front yard

23.jpg (3408 bytes)

White Springs sign about 1960

stoves.jpg (4217 bytes)

Lorang Kitchen Stove

Lorang_Farm.jpg (75370 bytes)

Lorang Farm

Lorang_Road.jpg (125285 bytes)

Lorang Road and farm, Genesee 2004

First_home_of_Henry__still_on_farm.jpg (49900 bytes)

First home of Henry, still on farm

First_home_in_Colton__WA.jpg (121660 bytes)

First home in Colton, WA (109314 bytes)

Possibly, Front view of Colton, WA home


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