The John And Mary Lorang White Spring Ranch, Genesee, Idaho, as of January 6th 2004 is now a

National Historical Site!

White Spring Ranch will represent the pioneers of the Idaho Palouse. We are forming a Non-Profit Museum and exciting plans for a Living History Farm are in the works! This will ensure that the Farmhouse, Barn, Curio and Log Cabin will be preserved indefinitely to tell the story of our heritage...and of all Idaho pioneers.

John Lorang built his pioneer home by adding onto the original 1885 (or earlier) homestead, in 1890 and again in 1904. He filled his ranch with a very large Grove of trees, collected from all over the world, preserved local and exotic animals, nests and eggs, as a taxidermist and had an amazing collection! Most of this collection was later donated to the University of Idaho, and recently became part of the Conner Museum, Washington State University. Plans are in the works to identify his collections there.

With no engineering experience, John Lorang built an aqueduct from a Spring on the farm. The water flowed to the Barn, a trough for the animals in the field, and to a fountain, which he built himself in 1913.

Restoration work of this historic site will require a large financial investment. We plan to apply for as many grants as possible, but believe a significant amount of funding will need to come from family, friends and anyone interested in efforts to preserve the History of this incredible Pioneer. Donations can be made to "Lorang Farm Restoration" at any branch of Wells Fargo bank.

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