spartofgrove1911.jpg (3465 bytes)

Part of the grove 1911

1s.jpg (3513 bytes)

Lorang Home, North Grove Winter 1912-1913

24.jpg (4393 bytes)

Willow trees front of home

13s.jpg (2334 bytes)

John Sawing Tree

4s.jpg (3798 bytes)

John's four boys, apple trees Bernard, Albert, Peter, Henry

Johnandappletrees.jpg (66005 bytes)

John and apple trees

sJohn__trees.jpg (5964 bytes)

John, trees-1914 letter

Trees.jpg (117650 bytes)


f.jpg (103388 bytes)

Grove of Trees, planted by John

h.jpg (124521 bytes)

John at work, Trees

p.jpg (362440 bytes)

Trees, front of home

q.jpg (98679 bytes)

Trees, front of home

n.jpg (684594 bytes)

Orchard and Charles


af.jpg (97842 bytes)

Entire Grove of trees about 1910-20


an.jpg (107845 bytes)

Trees, Snow Genesee

9.jpg (3409 bytes)

Homestead home about 1890


10.jpg (3793 bytes)

Homestead home with Wisconsin friends abt.1890

11.jpg (3618 bytes)

John and Charles 1912

17.jpg (4063 bytes)

Lorang Farm about 1904


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